10 Fulfilling Jobs for Neurodivergent People

10 Fulfilling Jobs for Neurodivergent People

About 15-20% of the population can be classified as neurodivergent, or as someone whose brain receives and processes information in a different way. Today, more neurodivergent individuals are entering the workforce than ever before, and that number is still expanding rapidly. Because each person is unique (with separate experiences and skills), it can become a real challenge to find a career that is both meaningful and celebrates neurodiversity in earnest. 


Locating secure jobs for neurodivergent people depends, in part, on their specific place on the spectrum (though neurodiversity can encompass conditions well beyond ASD). While some careers are a better fit for non-verbal, others will be suitable for high-functioning autism. Regardless of the position, neurodivergent individuals benefit from careers that allow for a developmental, enriching experience.   



Ideal for high-functioning autism, accounting is a neurodiversity-affirming position for individuals who love to crunch numbers and solve problems. Most positions of this type require working for a company, but occasionally independent schedules are available. 


Common tasks for an accountant include actions such as managing a budget, filing taxes, balancing sheet data, and creating cash flow reports. 


Auto Technician  

An auto technician is responsible for regular vehicle repair and maintenance. This job is flexible and can be completed in several different environments; auto shops, dealerships, and even independent venues are all common. 


In terms of social interaction, there may be some engagement with customers, but many careers of this type are also highly solitary. Being an auto technician is an excellent choice for those with developed motor skills but who struggle in social situations. 



Carpentry is an ideal job for neurodivergent people who enjoy putting things together, doing handwork, and spending time in the great outdoors. Those in this position will mainly be working with wood which will later be implemented into useful structures (i.e. doors, window frames, and bases for furniture). 


A few necessary skills for success include the use of various tools, math skills, the ability to read and understand blueprint material, and coordination. 



Being a cashier is one of the most popular jobs for neurodivergent individuals, specifically either in the retail or grocery industries. Naturally, this position requires a lot of customer interaction and service skills, so those who have strengths in this area should consider this path. 


Because each day follows a set routine and rarely deviates, individuals with repetitive behavior will find comfort here. Be on the lookout for stores you already enjoy, and contact them to find out about any open positions if interested.


Data Entry Clerk

Being a data entry clerk is yet another common position chosen by individuals on the spectrum. Usually, only a high school diploma is required. The job is also solitary and has little variety, allowing for a comfortable transition into a routine. 


Tasks such as filing information into a database, transcription, and data roster updates are typical responsibilities for people in this position. 


Dog Trainer 

Do you love the valuable company an animal can provide? If so, becoming a dog trainer might be perfect for you! In most cases, the position requires working with private clients to train either young puppies or older dogs in basic obedience. Some situations may additionally have a focus on assisting the animal with overcoming a certain fear or habit.



Similar to carpentry, a gardening career is a superb job for neurodivergent people who thrive outdoors and love to complete objectives with their hands. One may be self-employed or may complete projects for a specified company, school, or landscaping department. 


Gardening often requires tasks like mowing, weeding, hedge trimming, or floral care. Indeed, creating natural beauty in spaces that would otherwise lack such design is rewarding in its own right. 



For neurodivergent individuals with a love for words, why not consider a position as a librarian? Whether at a school, government collection, or public library, this position allows people to embrace their passion for stories in a way that inspires others. 


Responsibilities include the maintenance of book collections and documents, as well as keeping a thorough record of books moving in and out of the library.



Dedicated custodians are essential for any space where large groups gather (i.e. offices, schools, conference buildings). Individuals in the role are expected to maintain room cleanliness and complete minor repairs on occasion. Neurodivergent people often find this job ideal for its solitary work routine. In most cases, only a high school diploma is mandatory.



Photography is a job for neurodivergent individuals looking to embrace their creative side while developing an eye for design. Most photographers work independently and have the choice to set their hours. Others will offer their services to magazines, websites, or other special occasions. 


Weddings, family portraits, graduation ceremonies, and baby arrivals are just a few opportunities this position offers. Because of its flexibility, many people on the spectrum enjoy the freedom and fulfillment that comes with artistic positions such as this.  


Neurodiversity Career Connectors 

There are many neurodiversity career connectors out there dedicated to exploring meaningful jobs for those on the spectrum. For example, Microsoft’s Neurodiversity Connecter, Jobs for Humanity, and Mentra are all wonderful places to begin your journey toward a more purposeful career.  


Always remember that the goal is to promote the process of healing for neurodivergent individuals — all while building self-esteem, a sense of real belonging, and a professional identity that will last a lifetime. 


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