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Expert Community Care Management Executive Team


Shelly Adams

Director of Intellectual Disabilities

Jay Bowes

IT Director

John Davis

Administrator - Early Intervention, ID\A

Victor Kelley

Intellectual Disabilities Delegated Functions

Recent Posts

Difference Between Developmental Delays and Autism

July 15th, 2022

Although some of the signs and symptoms of developmental delays and autism may look the same, they are two different conditions.

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Benefits of Sensory Activities for Adults with Autism

June 15th, 2022

Sensory activities designed for adults with autism have a number of benefits. ECCM will help you develop an individualized service plan with what benefits you the most.

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The Difference Between Speech Delays and Autism

May 20th, 2022

Learning to recognize the difference between speech delays and autism in children can help you get your child the care they need. ECCM offers support and care to children with autism.

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