High Fidelity Wraparound Services

Northwestern Pennsylvania Child Behavioral Health Services


High Fidelity Wraparound - Northwestern PennsylvaniaThe High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) program is a team-based collaborative process for developing and implementing individualized plans for youth with behavioral health challenges and their families. The High Fidelity Wraparound workforce includes a Supervisor/Coach, Facilitators, Youth Support Partners and Family Support Partners.


The Hi-Fi workforce facilitates support, advocacy and brainstorming based on the strengths and culture of the family. The workforce strives to promote self-efficacy in families and enhance families’ natural support systems.


High Fidelity Wraparound Process


  • Engagement
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Transition


These phases are navigated by gathering information, consultation with system and service providers, need identification, action steps, and ongoing training/coaching. The family and youth’s voice and choices are at the center of the process, helping them work toward self-efficacy.


Benefits of High Fidelity Wraparound Program


Families and youth benefit from High Fidelity Wraparound because they drive the process. The family is engaged in discussions to establish prioritized needs followed by planning to meet those needs based on the family’s strengths and culture. The process also encourages the use of natural supports and increasing support systems in the community. Family and Youth Support Partners provide direct support by using their personal stories and experience to ensure family/youth voices are heard.




What do the members of the Hi-Fi Wraparound workforce do?

There are four main positions in the program workforce:


  1. Supervisor: The supervisor oversees the Hi-Fi Wraparound process by adapting the process to the family, mediating conflicts, coaching and correcting staff, and working with third-party organizations.  
  2. Facilitator: The facilitator guides the process and teaches the family how to build upon natural support systems. 

  3. Youth Support Partner: The youth support partner is a young adult who has knowledge of various systems due to them overcoming their old youth challenges. Meant to support other youth. 

  4. Family Support Partner: Similarly to the youth support partner, the family support partner is meant to provide support to parents due to their past experiences. The ideal candidate will have experienced similar family struggles and therefore have in-depth knowledge of the systems involved.
How does the Hi-Fi Wraparound Process work?
What is the goal of Hi-Fi Wraparound?
Why does Hi-Fi Wraparound take family strengths and culture into account?

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