Housing Assistance 


ECCM strives to help people who are in difficult situations and need help getting back on track. The Shelter Plus Care program is funded under the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program, which is dedicated to providing supportive housing and uplifting struggling communities.


The Shelter Plus Care program provides qualified persons with a roof over their heads if they willingly participate in select treatment programs. The program's goal is to help participants increase their income while having a stable living situation and the ability to work in specific treatment programs.


The treatment programs available focus on mental health, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction. Participating in these health treatments are the next step in gaining stability, which is why it is mandatory in the Shelter Plus Care program.


To qualify for this program, the head of the household must have experienced homelessness for an entire year, either continuously or in four or more episodes. These experiences can be challenging, so we are here to give as much support as possible. Our goal is to provide supportive services for children and adults during these difficult times.


Contact ECCM today to learn more about the Shelter Plus Care program. We want people to get the treatment they deserve to live their lives to the fullest.


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