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3 Myths About Early Intervention Services

3 Myths About Early Intervention Services

Early intervention can be confusing at first. Parents often think of stretching exercises, learning how to hold a spoon, or repeating a sound when they think of early intervention services. They become confused when the therapist requests to use activities that appear to be “just playing”. Most times, a child’s play is their work in early intervention therapy.


Here are a few common myths about early intervention services.


Myth #1: Early intervention is only for children with intellectual disabilities.

Any child under the age of 3 can be eligible for early intervention whether they have a disability or simply a developmental delay. This can include children who have yet to reach specific developmental milestones like sitting up, crawling, walking, grabbing objects, babbling, feeling, or even smiling.


Myth #2: The parents aren’t involved in early intervention therapy.

It’s important for the parents to be engaged with the child’s early intervention activities so they repeat them again and again. Parents serve as the child’s partner for many playtime activities like peek-a-boo, playing pretend, singing songs, and more.


Myth #3: Early intervention services are expensive.

In Pennsylvania, there is no cost to you when receiving early intervention services. Additionally, your private insurance will not be billed.


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