Why a Care Management Career Could Be Right for You

Why a Care Management Career Could Be Right for You

It’s not always easy to take care of ourselves —attending to even basic needs like food, water, clothing, hygiene, and shelter requires significant investments of time, money, and energy. Unfortunately, without adequate health and support, it’s not always possible to take care of ourselves either. For as long as humans have been around, physical illnesses and disabilities have remained a major concern for healthcare professionals, patients, and their families. For just as long, however, mental health issues have continued to put a strain on our ability to take care of ourselves and our ability to cope with others. Unfortunately, we’ve been less apt to discuss it. 


Fortunately, after decades of fighting stigmas, the conversation is starting to open up. With that heightened awareness comes a caveat — more people in need of help and not enough people to help them. According to the World Health Organization, nearly half of Americans will suffer some form of mental illness in their lifetime, including 5 percent any given year. Although mental illnesses impact individuals to various degrees — not all of those cases are debilitating or require significant intervention — the magnitude of the problem is immense. And for those individuals whose self-sufficiency has been compromised, it is immediate.



Reason 1: Care managers are in demand

No question about it, careers in mental health services are demanding. It’s a lot of responsibility to manage your own physical, mental, and emotional well-being, much less another person’s. While that may be a deterrent for some, it is a welcome and potentially extremely rewarding challenge for others. If you have the resolve and temperament for a care management career, you’ll find yourself highly coveted in the job market. All major disciplines in this career field are experiencing above-average or rapid growth, with some expected to grow by over 30 percent by 2026. By and large, those in these fields enjoy excellent job security and competitive compensation rates.


Reason 2: Care managers are exceptional teammates 

Do you enjoy the collaborative process and being part of a team? A care management career will transport you to the middle of the huddle, with physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other healthcare providers chipping into a comprehensive care plan. If you pride yourself on your ability to communicate and work well with others, then this field might fit you perfectly. 



Reason 3: Care managers make a difference

Although progress may not always be swift and frustrations can and do surface, the amount of positive change you can affect in an individual’s life is significant. Whether it’s leading someone with a disability to maximize his or her potential for the first time or helping those who have suffered a personal hardship attain a second chance, being a catalyst for self-improvement or self-sufficiency is tremendously fulfilling and gratifying. Within a care management role, you can be a true advocate and champion of another’s cause.


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If you are compassionate, cooperative, communicative, and organized, you may have what it takes to excel in the care management field. Visit ECCM’s careers page to see if we are a match for you. 


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