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Erie County Care Management
Your personal guide into and through the system.




Mental and Behavioral Health Care Management


Erie County Care Management (ECCM) is your personal guide into and through Erie County’s mental healthcare system. Since 2006, our nonprofit organization has served as a hub between mental health service providers in Northwestern Pennsylvania, leading our clients down personalized treatment paths toward a more promising tomorrow. Expert Community Care Management is what we do.


Based on your or a loved one’s unique condition and needs, our care coordination experts work to qualify you for the programs best suited to maximize your potential. Our goal is to Build Independence, One Empowered Consumer at a Time.


Recent Posts

How Early Intervention Services Help Children With Developmental Delays

June 25th, 2021

Early intervention services such as those offered by ECCM help children with developmental delays catch up in key domains of early childhood development by pairing them with experts who deliver specialized instruction and care.

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Addressing the Types of Developmental Delays

May 19th, 2021

There are four major types of developmental delays — cognitive, sensorimotor, speech and language, and socioemotional — with the first signs often appearing before the age of 2. Learn more about what those signs are and how early intervention can help.

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What to Know About the Erie County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

April 21st, 2021



The Erie County Emergency Rental Assistance Program furnishes eligible renters, landlords, and utility providers adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with rental and utility assistance.

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